Commissioning a Portrait

Portrait of Boston 

The animals we share our lives with are more than just creatures that we own. They are beloved members of our families.  
I lovingly create every portrait to capture the animal's spirit and character, their likeness rendered with heart felt care. My portraits become treasured heirlooms, timeless reminders of all of the joy, laughter and love these special animals bring to their owner's lives.

"Fiona Purdy represents so many things about art and is an example of a truly passionate artist.  Over the years Fiona has created several works for me personally, and I have been extremely pleased with the results.  When she tackles a project for an individual, getting acquainted with the subject at hand is first and foremost in her book.   In order to capture any animal’s true personality, one must take time to befriend the creature.  Fiona does just this.  Thank you Fiona for following your passion and creating such memorable works of art of our best friends."  - Mia Martori, Phoenix, AZ , commissioned portraits of Lady & Merlyn

Have me create a memorable, one-of-a-kind fine art portrait of your beloved horse or pet.  
I can paint Formal or Informal or just plain Fun & Whimisical portrait styles! 

So you think you might like a portrait painted of your special animal?   Wonderful!!   But you're thinking "So just how do I go about doing that?"   
It's So Easy!

Basically, here's how it works:

1. You send me photos (the best you have*** see below for more information on photos) - or - I can visit and take photos of your animal.
2. We discuss what type of portrait you want, e.g: style, size, color  etc.  If possible I like to visit and meet the animal so I can get to know him or her.   If an in-person meeting is not possible then we can have a Skype consultation - or talk via phone or email.
3. I email you a jpeg of a rough pencil sketch of the portrait.
4. You approve the sketch.  If you want changes, we discuss,  I revise the sketch and email you another jpeg. This will go on until you are happy.
5. You send me a 30% down payment to reserve your spot in my schedule.
6. You send me another 30% payment when I start the portrait.
6. I create a work of fine art featuring your beautiful animal.
7. I email you a jpeg of the completed portrait.
8. You approve, send me the remaining 40% balance and shipping costs.
9. I ship you the portrait.
10. You open the package, gasp with delight, and with a big smile on your face, you hang the portrait in a prominent spot, where it gives you joy every time you see it.

If you are giving the portrait as a gift, why not give the recipient a gift certificate?   I can then work one-on-one with them to create the perfect portrait of their cherished pet or horse that suits them.
I offer purchase payment plans to suit your budget - click here to contact me to discuss  

****  Photographs*******
Sometimes my clients have a treasured photo that they really love, and I will always try my very best to work from that photo to create a portrait that's special for you.

If I am not able to meet your pet in person, I have to rely on the photographs that you provide.  However, please realize that the portrait I create will only be as good as the photos I have to work with.

To be able to create a portrait that both you and I are delighted and thrilled with, I require well lit, in-focus photos with lots of detail. (the only exception is if the animal has passed on).

If you've read this far you must be seriously interested in having me immortalize your special animal in an exceptional, Fiona Purdy original portrait.

Please contact me and we'll discuss everything in full.  Sounds good?  It does to me too!!   Click here to send me an email -  or better yet give me a call at 602.770.0529.   

I can't wait to get started creating an exquisite piece of fine art that expresses the essence of your beloved animal.   Talk to you soon!

All images are the sole property of Fiona Purdy and may not be used, copied or reproduced without permission of the Artist.